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Chapbook Love

I was thrilled to be the inaugural interview for the new blog, Speaking of Marvels, a chapbook interview series curated by William Kelley Woolfit. Thanks to Will for the great questions; it was a lot of fun to think back to the choices I made as I worked on I’ve Been Collecting This to Tell You. I look forward to reading the upcoming interviews!

cover 2There’s other good news about that chapbook, which holds a special place in my heart: Kent State University Press has made it—and the other wonderful books in the Wick Chapbook Series—available for Kindle! If you want to read my poems on a device much thicker than the chapbook itself, now you are able.

While you’re at it, check out the Wick chapbooks by Matt McBride, Sarah Perrier, Heather Kirn Lanier, Hugh Martin, and the two that introduced me to the series in the first place: Catherine Pierce and Jason Gray‘s.



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