Poems and Prose

Poems available online:

“Financing the Burials.” America Magazine. Spring 2020.

“Evacuating” and “Breaking the Wheel.” Miracle Monocle. Spring 2018.

“Gemma Donati, Doppiatrice.Jet Fuel Review. Fall 2017.

from “Courtly Love (for Courtney Love).” Bear Review. October 2017.

from “Courtly Love (for Courtney Love).” Vinyl. January 2016.

“Laura.” Matter. January 2015.

“Dead Ringer.” Waccamaw. Fall 2014.

“Prizefighter.” Unsplendid. July 2014.

from “Courtly Love (for Courtney Love).” Matter. July 2014

“Gilding the Lily.” Poetry. June 2014.

“Victory, WI.” Poetry. June 2014.

“Kant the Nephrologist.” Kenyon Review Online. Spring 2014.

“Preface.” Juked. 26 February 2014.

“Knight Errant.” Spoon River Poetry Review. Winter 2013.

“Full Cry.” Anti-. Summer 2013.

“Aggregate.” Anti-. Summer 2013.

“Trick of Light. Sugar House Review. Fall/Winter 2012.

“My Only Deftness.” Verse Daily. 22 November 2012.

“Murmuration.” Lake Effect. Spring 2012.

“I’ve been collecting this to tell you.” Santa Clara Review. Spring/Summer 2011.

Five poems. East Fork. Summer 2011.

“Within Sight.” Passages North. Winter/Spring 2009.

“Background Noise.” Passages North. Winter/Spring 2009.

“For want of something better.” Court Green. Spring 2006.

Poems in anthologies:

“Breaking the Wheel.” New Poetry from the Midwest (forthcoming).

“Breaking the Wheel.” The St. Louis Anthology. Ed. Ryan Schuessler. Belt Publishing, 2019.

“There is Nothing New Under the Sun. Make It New.” (essay); “Paul and Fran” and from “Courtly Love (for Courtney Love)” (poems). The Manifesto Project. Eds. Rebecca Hazelton and Alan Michael Parker. University of Akron Press, 2016.

“Patience.” Cotton Nero A.x. Eds. David Hadbawnik, Daniel C. Remein, and Chris Piuma. Eth Press, 2014.

“Weak Constitution.” Out of Sequence: The Sonnets Remixed (online and print anthology). Ed. D. Gilson. Summer 2014.

Nonfiction available online:

“Mary Oliver, Our Devotional Poet.” America Magazine, January 2019.

“How A Wrinkle in Time Shows Us the Power of Love.” America Magazine. April 2018.

“Why Satan’s character in Paradise Lost is the original antihero.” America Magazine. October 2017.

“Looking Past the Miracle: The Poetry of Mary Szybist.” Sick Pilgrim. May 2017.

“Finding the Catholic Voices in Social Justice Poetry.” America Magazine. April 2017.

“Waiting for the Blessing.” Good Letters. December 2015.

“Heroes and Domestic Tyrants.” Connotation Press. November 2014.

“The Self and Not/ Not the Self:  The Use of the Personal in Lyric Poetry.” Southeast Review Online. November 2014.

Bar Rescue, the Wedding at Cana, and Me.” Good Letters. September 2014.

“A Question of Likeness.” Unsplendid. July 2014. (about Gaspara Stampa translations and form)


Interview with Image. January 2016.

Interview with Vinyl. January 2016.

Other poems:

“The Spiritual Exercises.” New Ohio Review. Spring 2018.

“Watching the Operation.” Jabberwock Review. Winter 2018.

“Dear Lyric Address.” Jabberwock Review. Winter 2018.

“This is My Body.” Presence. Spring 2017.

“Espoused.” Isthmus. Spring 2015.

“Tacito Vo.” Isthmus. Spring 2015.

“Interior Count.” Pamplemousse. Spring 2015.

“Bedtime Trobairitz.” Pamplemousse. Spring 2015.

“Anne.” Quiddity. Spring 2015. (Audio recording available here)

“Paul and Fran.” Lake Effect.

“Love-Scrawls.” Mid-American Review. Spring 2014.

“Stalwart.” Image. Winter/Spring 2014.

“Impractical Part.” Image. Winter/Spring 2014.

“Quarry.” Notre Dame Review. Winter/Spring 2014. (mp3 available here)

“Pyrite.” Notre Dame Review. Winter/Spring 2014. (mp3 available here)

“Mouth: To Say.” Poetry Daily. 8 February 2014.

“Felicity, OH,” “Fidelity, MO,” and “Vows.” 2013 Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Prizes.

“Fled.” Poetry Daily. 1 May 2013.

“Needlework.” 32 Poems. Fall/Winter 2013.

“Pygmalion.” 32 Poems. Fall/Winter 2013.

“Fled.” Cimarron Review. Winter 2013.

“Relics and Pardon.” Sugar House Review. Fall/Winter 2012.

“Mouth: To Say.” New South. Winter 2012. (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

“Create in Me a Clean Heart.” Poetry Daily. 12 August 2012.

“Clear and Cold.” New Ohio Review. Spring 2012.

“Create in Me a Clean Heart.” Massachusetts Review. Spring 2012.

“The Story I Tell Myself.” Cave Wall. Spring 2012.

“Letter from the Field of Vision.” South Dakota Review. Spring/Summer 2011.

“Because You Look for Yourself in My Poems.” South Dakota Review. Spring/Summer 2011.

“I Hesitate.” Forklift, Ohio. Summer 2011.

“Breach.” Big Muddy:  A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley. 11.1.

“Changes of State.” Natural Bridge. Fall 2010.

“My Only Deftness.” Notre Dame Review. Winter/Spring 2009.

“The Mask.” Notre Dame Review. Winter/Spring 2009.

“The Sound Surrounding Us Like Long Hair.” Center. 2005.

“there is an ellectric fire in human nature tending to purify.” Natural Bridge. Fall 2004.

“The truth is there is something real in the World.” Natural Bridge. Fall 2004.

“Drawl.” Folio. Spring 2004.

“Hagar and Ishmael at the Motel Six.” So to Speak. Winter/Spring 2004.

“Hue and Cry.” So to Speak. Winter/Spring 2004.

“Harmony.” Phoebe:  A Journal of Literature and Art. Spring 2003.